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Coded with Elias Jarzombek & Jingxi Guo

Experience design, creative coding, & graphic design

Pick a sentence to copy from here,

"What kind of a place is Expectations?" inquired Milo, unable to see the humor and feeling very doubtful of the little man's sanity.

"Good question, good question," he exclaimed. "Expectations is the place you must always go to before you get to where you're going. Of course, some people never go beyond Expectations, but my job is to hurry them along whether they like it or not. Now what else can I do for you?"

"I think I can find my own way," said Milo, not at

"Splendid, splendid, splendid," exclaimed the Whether Man. "Whether or not you find your own way, you're bound to find some way. If you happen to find my way, please return it, as it was lost years ago."

Words become strangely hypnotic with repetition, it creates its own musicality. Analyzing how the track Kerala by Bonobo was structured by creating loops. Taking that stylistic approach of using repetition, with every new loop a new element is added to the mix.

 Bonobo - Kerala.

The interaction works by clicking the play and stop button, there is also a rest option to restart the speech along with the illustrated text. Another option is pasting new text and loading it to change the words that are binging said, but it has to start with the word 'the'.

Using the already built in text to speech API on a computer, along with reading out loud a chapter from the book Phantom Tollbooth. As well as sound files of course of drums.






Old book cover & color palette


Ps color study painting


Font: Avenir Next


Theme: Time


Poster/cover iterations


Final cover/poster

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