Designed with Karina Rodriguez

Allied Studio 3

Parsons The New School


Nature's balance rests in the wings of our tiny friends the Bees, which means 85% of nature's survival depends on the bees pollinating. But the problem is more that 44% of bees have died out, so what will happen to nature? The location of the site is on 165 Banker Street, Brooklyn located in Greenpoint neighborhood which established itself as a center industrialization. Walking around that neighborhood there was a certain personality attached to the surviving nature around.

Breaking through all the harsh concrete elements. Which brought a thought to the problem how can nature flourish more? What can be done to help?

The design concept is all about a breakthrough in the context by enriching the site with nature, creating human interaction and production. Enhanced with rhythm and functionality.

Site Analysis Collage

Material Analysis Collage


With the initiative of saving the bees in mind, drawing up some diagrams to illustrate how much greenery is actually there. As well as how the idea of the honey factory a breakthrough to the surrounding neighborhood. To then increase social activity of the community and the helping the bee survival rate.

Taking into consideration the circulation of factory workers as well as the public, and most importantly the flow production out to distribution. Combining these two activities together can start to shape the factories architecture.

Designing Daylight

Building up a model to analyze the daylight quality on the heliodon. Assisting further into designing an open space where the public can enjoy the sparkle quality of daylight site analysis at 12:00 PM.





Daylight Sections Through The Seasons


Designing Lighting

Focus Area RCP First Floor Farmers Market

Focus Area RCP Sixth Bee Hives

Custom Interactive Fixture

Custom Fixture detecting Bee activity

Testing Prototype

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