Concept by Sohaila Mosbeh


Rhythm within the tonality of spoken words, and the memory it carries.



Our devices now store our speech whether is via texting or voice notes. A thought arose, what happens to old recorded data voice notes. One sends the voice note once and rarely ever returns to hear it again unlike listening to a musical track or looking at old photos.  What if we can reuse old voice notes and repurpose it into an audio experience?

Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 11.43.30 PM.png

Digging through a total of 40 whatsapp voice recordings, to know which phrases to use and which to cut out. The phrases and the way it was spoken was important to paint the tonal experience for the user, by either using a head set or having them sit in the middle of two adjacent speakers. Creating a spherical sensation around the head, understanding a spoken voice beyond the language that it is spoke in.


Audio installation collage render


Sound Production - Audio Experience

Reusing old whatsapp voice messages from my mother that was only listened to once, to create a transformative piece.

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