Designed with Ece Ozerdem & Weilong Zhang

Light Studio 2

Parsons The New School


"We desperately need, is connection with our soil [nature], we didn't evolve in a sea of grey cubicles" -Joseph B Juhasz

As the "lonely crowd" society expands into an alienation manifestation, thus raising the question of how can a sense of oneness in a community be resorted? Having a special connection to a natural environment is an important mean of reducing mental fatigue, and vital in creating healthy socialization.

" The spectacle is vehicle for separation and creation of the 'lonely crowd' and it originates from the loss of unity" -Guy Deboard

Another question then arises what role can the quality of light play within the given space?

Seasonal Shift - Concept

Library Site along with Park Areas


Section by Day and by Night

Concept Diagrams

Carving by Light Diagrams

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