Designed with Ece Ozerdem & Weilong Zhang

Light Studio 2

Parsons The New School


"We desperately need, is connection with our soil [nature], we didn't evolve in a sea of grey cubicles" -Joseph B Juhasz

As the "lonely crowd" society expands into an alienation manifestation, thus raising the question of how can a sense of oneness in a community be resorted? Having a special connection to a natural environment is an important mean of reducing mental fatigue, and vital in creating healthy socialization.

" The spectacle is vehicle for separation and creation of the 'lonely crowd' and it originates from the loss of unity" -Guy Deboard

Another question then arises what role can the quality of light play within the given space?

Concept Diagrams

Library Site along with Park Areas

Carving by Light Diagrams


Section by Day and by Night