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Designed with Ece Ozerdem & Weilong Zhang. 2016


Designed with Karina Rodriguez.  2016

Architecture, Lighting Design, & Industrial Design

Nature's balance rests on the wings of our tiny friends the Bees, which means 85% of nature's survival depends on the bees pollination. The problem is more that 44% of bees have died out, so what will happen to our remaining nature within our cities?

Site along with green areas

The location of the site is on 165 Banker Street, Brooklyn located in Greenpoint neighborhood which established itself as a center industrialization. Walking around that neighborhood there was a certain personality attached to the surviving nature around.

The site's green parks cling on by breaking through all the harsh concrete human made elements. This observation brought upon a question how can nature flourish more along side any human imposed elements? and most importantly how can intentional lighting enhance both nature and the human experience within built spaces?

A breakthrough in the context by enriching the site with nature. Creating human interaction and production, enhanced with rhythm and functionality.

Rhythm dictating form

The idea of turning the site into a  honey factory was developed, acting as a needed breakthrough to not only increase social activity, but to also helping the bee survival rate to increase the greenery within a heavy industrial neighborhood.

Site daylight analysis

Taking into consideration the circulation of factory workers as well as the public, and most importantly the flow production out to distribution. Combining these two activities together can start to shape the factories architecture.





8 AM

4 PM

Building up a model to analyze the daylight quality on the Heliodon. Assisting further into designing an open space where the public can enjoy the sparkle quality of daylight. Site analysis selected time at 12:00 PM.

12 PM

Daylight sections through the seasons

   Lighting & Floor Plans 

Buzzpoint Program_edited_edited.png

6th Flr Bee Hives 

5th Flr Honey Extraction

4th Flr Office

3rd Flr Bee Exibition

2nd Flr Packaging

1st Floor Market & Cafe 


Bee activity

Human activity

Factory production


Types of vegetation for bees, 1st flr

Dutch Clover




100 Fc

75 Fc


50 Fc

25 Fc

0 Fc

floor 1_edited.png
Buzzpoint flr plan_edited_edited.png

First floor RCP and section lighting details




Render and top view

Above the ramp leading up to the second floor, is a custom way-finding fixture. The light installation mimics the motion of bees and the flow of people by using a motion sensor or a preprogrammed lighting effect.

The fixture's design is a structural modular system, surface-mounted with black and wooden finish. Each lighting fixture comes with three interchangeable aluminum joints, fitted with an electric graphite feed track with a 48V supply, on which the LED luminaires are installed by a magnetic fastening. Providing a minimalist aesthetic.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 10.25.09

Section drawing and prototyping


Buzzpoint - 16 Market





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