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Designed with Transveral 6

Madrid, Spain


The use of the golden ratio has always been used in art and design, since it serves a vital balance between symmetry and asymmetry. You can find the perfect alignment with the main architectural structures such as the groups of the great pyramids of Giza. Even Leonardo Da Vinci exhibited the relationship in many of his works. Using the golden rectangle as a source of inspiration to create proportional shapes with balance in their symmetry. The rectangle will act as a kind of grid to draw.

The design chosen is the simple «Cut-Out», using
the basic a grid, that is made out of many golden
rectangles. Which then help in drawing random cut
outs into the shape while still having a well balanced proportions.

The cut outs also emit a warm tone light, by integrated 27k L.E.D strips. The concept is the emitted light is then reflected  thin copper material
sheet placed on the opposite side of the light source.

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