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Fabrication Focus: Robotics.

I drew inspiration from a french artist named Jean-Pierre Yvaral, his work is heavily based on optical illusions along with kinetic aspects. I thought it would be interesting to take one of his patterned pieces and transform it into a soft robotic. How will his art behave like when these patterns come to life? is there any humanistic elements to it?

I choose to build from this particular piece because of the shape. First I made quick dirty trail by just cutting out random pieces out to see the behavior.

It almost looks like muscles contracting, the second step was to just the reference image and cut the pattern out.

This one failed because I melted all the pathways that air should pass through so it did not inflate.

Taking the same concept of the curricular pattern, the next irritation was to cut out less circles and disperse them further away from each other. So the air could flow through and hopefully get a more dramatic contraction movement.

Success! with the more spaced out circles it allowed it to contract more, I would imagine it being even more dramatic on a lager scale. Now every time I will look at Yvaral I'll think of contracting balloon muscle movements.


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