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Experimental visuals.

After bingeing random max/msp tutorials online, I decided to try and recreate some psychedelic visuals with one clip from the collection of footage of last assignment. The clip I choose was the floating jellyfish, I was curious how their motion would be translated once I start to manipulate and distort it. Would it still be recognizable? Will I be able to make viewers be transfixed by the effect?

Original clip:


The Process:

Skimming through all footage to select one

Manipulating colors, also my laptop lags every time I try to screen record while I work on Max

Performance Brainstorm:

I have been always interesting in the integration of the sonic and optic experience, bringing element of light and sound to correspond to one another. Ideally I was thinking for my final piece to bring these elements in a physical form while performing as well, I have another blog about all my ideas in another class as I wish incorporate the two. Click here. So I would like to use the first performance as a starting point to then build on later, starting with a collection of voice notes from my mother of all the advice she gives and build visuals around that as a story line. Along with mixing her voice to give some musical tonality.

As a back up plan I am also thinking of creating visuals along with any of these tracks:

- Lights out, worlds gone Bombay bicycle club

-Cinnamon Hayley Williams

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