• Sohaila Mosbeh

Again, again?

Class 02 & 03- Stereo and Quad.


Reusing old whatsapp voice messages from my mother that was only listened to once, to create a transformative piece.


I dug up a total of 40 voice recordings, ofcourse I didn't end up using all of them but it was important to go through to know which words to use and which to cut out.

After cutting all the words and phrases I wanted to use, the next step was to assign it to a drum pad loop with a slice effect to change it to a one shot trigger. This gave me more freedom in recording which ever phrases I want in order, and also to learn how to use abelton at the same time.

Final Piece:

There is rhythm within the tonality of spoken words, and if it comes from a parent it carries some weight when it hits the ear. Although it's in another language the sense of the meaning can be felt through the tone of speech.

Listen by:

Place center yourself or your head in between speakers. Headphones work as well.