• Sohaila Mosbeh

All Soft Things

Class01-Soft robotics in the wild.

. Before I head out to find possible soft robotics in stores, I made a list of target stores I should tackle so it can result in various different objects.

  • Ace Hardware

  • Dollar store

  • Beauty Supply

  • Walgreens.

While I was at these stores I realized how I gravitated towards more of the flexible silicone type materials, it was much more satisfying to grip, squeeze and try to deform. Objects like these icy hot patches that are super stretchy and sticky which can take a shape of any body it's placed on. I feel there can be a lot of creative possibilities with I a material that can model itself on to bodies.

The second category where different materials that can be deformed in different shapes, but doesn't go back to it's original form. Objects like these flexible hair curlers or different types of metal meshes.

After see all these types of materials can be transformative within itself what stood out for me the most was the self adhesive pads. They somewhat reminded me of the blood pressure cuff nurses use in ers, the soft material inflating and adding pressure on the arm is strangely comforting. It got me thinking wouldn't that me amazing to have a material that can morph to your body shape, like a bra that can automatically morph to the correct size.