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Inspiration and Research:

The Bourko as known as Battoulah is a traditional face mask worn by women in Egypt, Nubia, and other Arab and Northern African. Bourko come in different sizes, shapes, and materials depending in the region or country. Against what some sources suggest that they are worn religiously, Bourko historically were actually worn in specific time as an accessory for modesty and special occasions. That tradition of wearing it for modesty sake died out when Safiya Zaghloul, an Egyptian political activist, marched for women's right in 1919. As generations went by the usage of the Bourko was lost, but is still worn by bedouin women.

Egyptian Bourko is made up of thin fabric and decorated with golden coin-shaped charms engraved with Horus Eye. It is believed that the eye is used to spread blessings and guard ones soul against evil.


Transforming the misinformed context of Bourko.

The purpose is to think about this historical garment on how it fits within the current cultural atmosphere. So thinking about this piece no only functionality but with almost a flare of a performance element to it.

Sketch and experiment:

First idea would be worn and with a pull it could trigger the mask, to take the shape of the wearer. The materials flexibility could allow float and bubble around much like a jelly fish attached to the face.


Silicone and air

Scarping that idea and thinking more in contrast of the "modesty" aspect , with the modified idea the Bourko can revile the wears face at their moment of choosing or taking the the form of the users face.


Cable Control

Material proprieties:

-Flexible or adjustable

-Semi Sheer/See through



For my expert assistance I will be working along with my sister. Currently studying Fashion Design her knowledge in stitching and sewing technique will be helpful. As well as picking out the right material for elasticity.

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