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Conceptual work - Thoughts Focus: Cultural & Women's rights.

Over the course of the summer my curiosity for women's right and expression grew, primarily focusing on women in Egypt and not any other region. The subject is so vast and interesting that I found myself lacking on well wait, what about the place I come from? what's the historical role of a women within my culture? How was back then compared to now? Is it better now? What are the rates of sexual assault now and harassment? Why do these actions happen? Is there a way to better educate myself about people's behavior when it comes to why they act out violently? why are women so hyper-sexulaized yet shamed when they express their sexuality?

All these question and more started snowballing, as I realize I don't know anything about this; but that a whole other philosophical issue for later.

Women that came before

I tackled my curiosity by reading about the women who came before and made a historical difference politically as well as through the arts. I summed up my findings withing the following posts highlighting their achievements and sadly at times their tragic ends.

Each one of these women battled their way through a complex set of circumstances, stayed persistence to achieve their desired goal.

I am not sure where I am headed and It seems scary

I am not one to get political or even fond of the notion, yet the topic of women's existence within my culture is super fascinating and it is something I wish to emulate and show others how it feels to be within that body and space.

I fail to see the "political" relation here when it's a matter of empathy. I have read everywhere that 9/10 women in Egypt are sexually harassed, I am not sure how accurate that is. I am also not here to paint an awful photo of where I come from, but merely digging and showing why is this the case? What is it like being a female in a complex culture? Why do we repress female sexuality?

I think it's important to point out whatever in the end I choose to explore or share will be from my personal experiences and maybe others as well who are close to me.

This brings us to two projects I merged together in ITP my physical computing final and my performing realities one. I used the art of Shibari; rope tying, to visualize the sense of anxiety and how it feels to be under constant judgment from others.

The Psychology of Violence

Right now I am taking a psychology class to gain an understating why do some people react in violent outburst while others do not. There are so many different factors I am learning as to why this occurs. Next week we will tackling violent cases of sexual assault, so until then I will keep on gathering notes.


Empathy Sex-uality Illuminate Expression

Connection Shibari Warmth Representation

Femme Repressed Resolution Voices

How does this feel?

What is it like?

Am I the only one?

Is it what I wear?

I don't want any attention on me

guilt guilt guilt guilt guilt

What is your story?

Final thoughts

- soundscape

- What happens when one is exposed to unpleasant visuals of violence?

- Interview others who would like to share their experiences.


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