• Sohaila Mosbeh

Breeze Knocks

Class 02+03 - Collage animation with Mark Matamoros & Ashwita Palekar

Our starting off point came from an analog collage called “Wells”, which just portrays the act of crying. Through that reference we thought about using the same stylistic approach, but turn it into visuals for a song that unravels a story. The track we chose was Breezeblocks by Alt-J, between all the quick drumming patterns and the misheard lyrics that story talks about a character that is dragged and can not accept the fact that his partner wants to leave the relationship. Instead of letting go, he starts to drown her with what he thinks is love and affection, but quickly turns into violent actions as the obsession continues to grow out of control. Referencing back to our initial crying collage, we thought it was fitting to start to pull back the layers of what might seem like a healthy relationship from afar. To uncover the truth about the ongoing abuse and manipulation.


- Pulling Layers -Zoom -Tunnel -Morphing

Matt Attack


After creating our storyboard the next step was to cut up our many assets on Photoshop, so we can start animating each layer according to our desired motion.