• Sohaila Mosbeh

Let's try a bunch of stuff.

Class 12- Exercise and final concept

From the start of this semester in ICM I was really focused on creating visuals that can hopefully enhance the listening experience of a song. For now I have alot of ideas floating around and I thought to see if A) even do it in the first place and B) illustrate a simple sketch version of it. Hoping by trying out these ideas it will dictate me more on idea to enhance more upon for the final assignment.

Update on last assignment:

Revisiting Machine learning:

But first here is semi fixed revision of an old assignment using ml5's bodypix now that I had more time with it there is a slight better understating of how it works. For this sketch I focused more on color usage as well this time incorporating HSB (hue, saturation, and brightness)


1st Composition:

2nd Composition:

Final Concept:

I want to create a fake album cover by for combining an analog collage aesthetic with visual animation in P5 accompanying sound of course. I am currently working with the same aesthetic in the animation class .


Album art work

Rough Draft A:

Rough Draft B:

Rough Draft C: