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Stepping away from the strange half circle shape, pulling back to a simple hyperbolic mechanism. For this construction, I will build up a prototype of the light source portion that will shine through the kaleidoscope creating patterns on the user.

Dimensions are for the 1:1 scale

The light source in the only 1:1 scale of this prototype.

Upon my entail 3d modeling and planning I thought I had everything set up to construct much like the previous assignments, but this time it failed miserably. The fault might be over planning all the components being built of once, that when it came time to construct it was very overwhelming to know where to start from. I had to restart building over three time just to wrapped my head around which part should be built first and in what scale. Lesson learned here pick one component of the structure stick with it until completed to figure out the surprise bugs. That is what exactly happened when it came to the light source, I discovered I needed to add another layer on top of the light source to hold the power supply. Along with a casing to cover the light and direct it towards the cut of pattern, after playing around with this frustrating prototype it actually give me important things to consider when going to built the full scale model.


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