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Fabrication Focus: Making Five Things.

Inspiration: Multi-use

Creating five of the same thing was a good opportunity to practice some wood working joints, without the usage of any glue or nails. I started researching online about the different types of wood joints and how they are constructed. A lot of these joints seem quite simple at first glance like yeah that's so easy and doable, but when it came to actually constructing it was a whole other story. Taking the time to plan ahead and prototyping is key, can't stress enough how handy that was, but before getting to more more details here is a moodboard about the two materials I used for my object.

Materials : Wood and Rope

These materials look very complimentary and aesthetically pleasing, so as having the material palette in mind I sketched out what I'll construct.

Second step, quick dirty prototype.

Third step, rhino modeling.

Fourth step is to print out my guides and stick them on the wood pieces to cut.

Fifth and final step sand everything down and add a coat of semi glossy varnish.

Using guide line to know where to cut and how far were super helpful to keep everything as precise as possible. When it came to cutting out the groves through repetition, I found cutting in smaller increments can result in a smoother looking grove with less wooden bumps. However when it came to using the sander that's when it all be came tricky in keeping straight lines straight, I assume there might be a certain technique in hold the piece of wood perpendicular to the sander that might result in straighter lines. I did not master that hold at all, if there is anything that maybe I should have spent more time on is practicing sanding straight edges on that machine.


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