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Graphic Design - Visual Art Focus: Stop Motion

The concept behind dazed is taking a quick journey through someone's mind while listening to music, what would they see? How tired can one get to see patterns comes to life? Thinking broadly about the context of our idea, I couldn't help but think about the translation of emotion by the simple and not so simple way to animate. That really struck me from the Immersive Realism of Studio Ghibli, how the smallest of details can bring the unusual feel almost familiar and real, from the way the characters run to how one little girl puts on her shoes. Those finest of details thought might go unnoticed, still impacts the viewers eye in thinking this almost seems real enough and has weight to it.

Getting inspired by that set us to take an everyday mundane action and add a little psychedelic fantasy to it, and with a dash a sleep deprivation here is our piece.

The process of shooting took a whole day, and for 30 seconds that was surprising to me. To come up with an idea is one thing and when it comes to actually applying all those details is a whole other monster. Thinking about oh how will each pattern turn into something else? what is that transition like? How much will something last? these were all challenges that came to life as we were shooting, essentially as the understanding of comic books best describes it what happens between the frames. Something that quite isn't visible to the eye but the viewer themselves draws out the conclusion between what they just saw to what comes next. so I can't imagine what the meticulous planning looks like of a featured film from major animation studios, but our process we sketched the patterns we liked to use, then gathered interesting objects we have and set it up for motion.


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