Generative vs Analog

Final Concept


In the class were we tackled harmony, I was inspired by a piece by Jim Wilson called God's chorus crickets.

I attempted to recreate my own version through P5 using bird sounds, where the user can manipulate the speed of the bird sound. While also shuffling through other bird notes using the keyboard.


So I wanted to recreate the same implementation, but this time introduce my electric drum set as MIDI control that can manipulate the sound. Either by shuffling through track and slowing it down

Max/Msp Versions:

My first trail was to shuffle through the songs using a jwed format, but that proved to be unsuccessful because of the interruption of ads before the track play.

The second trail was to map sounds on to the kit

Automated versions:


In this version I created a generative one that plays with random speed and timing, much like how an L system would work.



this code patch will only work with a MIDI input it's currently mapped to my drum set

code here