• Sohaila Mosbeh

Good by Good by Goo

Class 10 - Markov Study with Elias Jarzombek & Jingxi Guo


We took inspiration from the looping style of Bonobo's kerla track.

We thought to take the stylistic approach of using repetition, but with every new loop a new element is added to the mix. We brainstormed a bit of what kind of sounds we wanted to use, in the end we landed on the idea of using the element of speech, just words. Words become strangely hypnotic with repetition, it creates its own musicality .

Our materials:

Using the already built in text to speech api, along with reading out loud some fairy tales.

Sound files ofcourse of drums and chords.


Besides the play and stop button, there is also a rest option to restart the speech along with the illustrated text. Another option is pasting new text and loading it to change the words that are binging said, but it has to start with the word 'the'.

The code:

Class 11 - L system Study with Bomani Oseni McClendon & Jingxi Guo

It was quite a leap jumping into L systems and understanding it's inner workings, so we decided to deconstruct the elements that make up the drum.