Hello There!

Class 01 - Intro to Computational Media

My name is Sohaila and I would like to try and make my weird ideas become real. My background was mainly in product design back in Cairo, Egypt so that meant mainly furniture design leaving that behind to then moving into the world of lighting design which I studied in Parsons and worked as well in the field it was mostly very heavy architectural based. I recently quit the job because I was super unhappy and fell into an existential crisis of what in the world am I doing. I always got a sense of accomplishment when I create and build things from scratch, knowing that "hey! yeah that was me who built that machine that shots fireworks whenever someone says wow!" and along the way I lost that sense of fun and creation and got swept away into something I wasn't passionate about and being someone I am not. I am here to regain my strange side, learn how can I translate these ideas into reality, and play with human perception. I also like my apartment it's cozy and has cool plants their names are Balthazar, Cloudy, Ben, George and Samia. I like collecting all kinds of things I have a fossilized Rhinoceros beetle named Charles and a wet specimen lizard named Fred!

That's tiny Fred