Light and Sound


Dream - My dream is to merge both sonic and optic experiences and bringing it forth into a physical space. I imagine I would create an instillation piece as big as a warehouse where users can wonder around and discover how light sounds like or how sound looks like. I imagine it can can done maybe a device that has the capabilities to project old memories live from a users mind in fragmented sections. It can play of and get distorted even more with every crescendo or change of note, the sound and lighting qualities bring upon a sense of nostalgia and sensing the space in a different perspective.

Vision - A dark room where sound can be performed according to how many people there are in the space, and according to the shift in the sound quality the lighting would correspond along. Maybe certain wavelengths of sound can be associated with a specific color of the light spectrum for example 60 hz can be translated into a deep red light. After the performance it can be transformed into an instillation piece as well.

Goal - Creating digital based visuals for a performance piece.

- Creating a physical small scale instillation that plays along with the performance.

  • Core Concept: when sound involuntarily evokes an experience of color. (Chromesthesia)

How can that be represented or performed?

What creates these visuals?

Is a balance between analog and digital aspects? or just purely digital?

(min 3:11)

References: Thomas Wilfred (1924), Dough Wheeler, Brain Eno, Melissa McCracken, Disney's Fantasia, and Norton Juster.

Color palette and scheme:

Low ranges: Cello and Timpani. Dark reds to purples

High ranges: violins and trumpets. Green to bright yellows and gold.

Trial sketch:

  • Application A: Representing the visual of sound within the element of water and using light to accentuate the reflected patterns users are then welcome to disrupt it or add to it.

References : Roger Deakins, James Turrell, and Tom Kretschmer.

Composed of two oscillating water basins controlled by a motorized lifting mechanism, longitudinal waves propagate the length, and reflect against the end. The water action is revealed by projected refracted light of an LED spotlight. Nothing in life is static

Key words:

-Ghostly-Kinetic -Reflection -Mirrored- Oscillating -Sonic deception -Echos -Cymascope

Objects: Nicol Prism or Dispersion Prisms, Crystal plate, speaker, water, and container.

  • Application B: Rope or shibari, traditional form of artistic rope bondage that originated in Japan. Incorporating texture along with the performance, building upon last semesters pcom final. Scaling down the idea, maybe stay away from motors this time and drawing more focus on the structure and possible shadows it can create.

Key words:

-Safety -Comfort -Balance -Touch -Strong -Exposed