• Sohaila Mosbeh

It's All Live Now

Class 04 - Binaural


A lot of people have now started to use the Instagram live feature because of social distancing. In that sense I thought why not record these conversations and turn it into a live form of escapism into the story.


The first person to go live on my Instagram was the musician John Mayer, so I started to record the show, proceed to export it from Adobe premier to just extract the audio to then move it to Ableton.

Within the live session John began to tell a story of the late musician Bill withers, and something with his story telling resonated and me want to try and dig up that interview and bring it to life.

Final Piece:

After trouble shooting with some files that got corrupt, which happened from the video's exporting the audio here is the final piece.

Listen By:

Lay down and just close your eyes.


This was a fun accident when I complied everything to play at once, so see what words will be more prominent when trying to figure out what he is saying.