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Conceptual work - Thoughts Focus: Goldilocks thought experiment.

Try imagining your project in three scales or formats (your current project can be one of them) what would your project look like if it was huge? tiny, a performance, a book, a web site, a game, a sculpture, a dance, a poem, a lecture series, food, an installation, a garment, a museum, a DIY kit? Don’t be afraid to be outrageous. Sometimes even being ridiculous informs our project and perhaps a certain aspect of the imaginary design can be adopted for our project.

Too big

Imagine a whole maze like museum that acts like a performance piece, where each corridor has it's own experience that lends on to another. Every twist and turn unlock swirling colors and sounds that can unlock past memories but it's all distorted, each visitor has the option to either divide in deeper with in the maze or can chose to be ejected out.

Too small

A super small room with one tiny monitor on the floor where the user has to crouch down to be able to fit inside the room and to see whats on the screen. The slightly ajar door with leaking droplets of light acts alike a beacon calling people forward. The performance part of it is someone coming in turning on the monitor and just leaves.

Just right

Two screens within the venue space, it will all depend on the sequence of visuals that is triggered by the accompanying sound. The question is what will these visuals represent? distorted memories? How is that correlated with the relationship between sound and light? Experiences and memories contain a light quality hidden within along with almost muted sounds, so by creating these visuals it can bring the inner imagination forward.

Maybe instead of sticking to the 2D plane screens, I could play with layers or fabric that could represents fragmented segments of loop visuals along with sound. Playing with a layout a bit to step out of a flat 2D plane.


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