Representing different levels of inner emotional self during quite moments.

Score outline/sketch.


Black Car by Beach House

A Word by Saint Mela


Some of the audio was recorded and the rest was created from scratch on Ableton. The order of sounds went through a lot of different iterations, but what remained constant along with the concept is the continues kick pattern and soft twinkling drone like sound. Keeping these two elements together to create a contrast against each other and playing spaciously with the panning to represent closely enough of how I hear these sound qualities in my head.

The techniques I used was the built in instruments with in Ableton searching for sound that closely resemble the layout I set for myself. Doing so helped alot going through most of the instruments quickly because I knew I needed for example something that sounds high pitch but airy at the same time. For the natural element of peace which the birds sound quality I was looking for a way to have a section of it to loop repeatedly. Digging within the audio effects, there was a looper option I mess around with that gave me the desired effect of it being that in the background throughout the whole piece, almost barely visible at times.

Lastly the recordings I made having a conversation with my mom while my father and sister interpret as times, represent encapsulated memories. Talking about our similarities, heartbreaks and what salad. Having those recording along with me humming a song that was stuck in my head of a week, hopefully establishes that quality of inner thoughts and dialogues I get. Putting all these elements together in the order that made sense can hopefully paint an all over mental and emotional state while listening to it.

Final Piece:

Listen By:

Headphones and just close your eyes.