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Fabrication-Sustainable Focus: Repurpose

This mini project is dedicated to my plant hoarder friend, noticing her plant care lately and how she set up her the space for them inspired me to build up for her a propagation station. A simple plant hanger just dedicated to keeping track of all the little new baby plants. In the mean time I hope this little station helps and she can find help as well it's getting out of control.

Materials: Unknown wood, rope, and light.


- Wood found on the sidewalk

- Drill with drill bits


- LED strip with adaptor

- Wall mounted plant hanger

No sketched or 3D model was created for the object, the concept was talking discarded object and giving new life and use to it. Started with drawing on the material where the light will go, and what sconce like effect it will give to the wall. Playing also with colored gel paper on top to give it a soft gradient.

The last step was drilling in the hanger using just a normal cross screw for easy removal in the future. At the moment I am still waiting for the other hangers to arrive so I can take over all photos of the final product.

This time it was an improvised project, more of oh there is this cool material and I really want to give it a new use. So most of the ideation came from playing with both materials to see what interesting combination it may result in. So a lot of trail and error until reaching the final look, along with that coordination came to play in what should be installed first as to not to interfer with the other material. For example installing the light first was crucial to dictate how the rope will flow without obstructing the light, which the rope would then dictate where the plant hangers will be installed.


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