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Creative Coding - Visual Art Focus: Music

Emotion : Bittersweet

There is something very interesting about that emotion, how something can feel so nostalgically heartbreaking but at the same time feel heartwarming. Below are some examples of that presents to me that contrast of emotion.

References and Inspiration:

  • Bombay Bicycle Club- So Long See You Tomorrow album, along with Anna Ginsburg + Adam Young. It's worth watching I melt over it every time.

  • The Surreal works of Matthieu Bourel 's Collages, Duplicity collection and Of course Salvador Dali.

Keeping in mind these two keywords of bittersweet and surreal, it then lead to picking a cover song of Tame Impala's The Less I Know The Better. I find this song has the perfect balance of sounding very upbeat,but with hidden painful lyrics about how sometimes we are better off not knowing to skip the painful outcome.

I started by testing things out in a different sketch, sketching out the sketch. Instead of using the amp of the volume this time I tried out the frequency analysis, was more curios to see the bass sounds represented.

So I guess my question is How can I just show the bass levels alone in a song?

For my "final" piece my question is more about is there a reason why my program runs slow at times? How can I fix it when it happens? it happens when I try to add a tear drop animation, not sure how to fix it.


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