Visuals With Machine Learning

Runway 101

Bringing old photos back:

Digging through the models on runway, I stumbled upon photo restoration. For that model I resorted a photo of my grandmother (on the far left) and my great grand father (in the middle). The results were surprising , the details of the face are a lot more obvious and even the eyes look a lot more clearer.


I really like the floral effect, so I thought it can be a beautiful contrast with the Shibari rope art techniques. I can see this being applied in playing cards or even posters.

Reference used: Hajime


Honestly I just added this because it made me laugh. All it sees is bread on the ground..

Reference used: Lucian Freud

Van Gogh:

First trails and fails:

Deep Dream:

For my very first trail, I wanted to see what results I would get if I put one of my collages into the deep dream effect. The result looked more like an added filter on top, so not sure if it would be consider a fail. The hand give a much more stronger tripper effect, along with something that looks like dog faces as well.

Arbitrary Image stylizatior:

In this version the result I was hoping for was a Dali painting with the style of Lucian Freud or vis versa, it seems the only thing changed was the coloration or the painting more on the warmer side.