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If technology serves more to these concerns maybe the possibility of it being corrupt can be be less but as others say that highly unlikely.

Total of Interviewees: 16

Countries: Egypt, Turkey, Thailand,and India.

Age groups: 27-31, 20-22, 50+

Before I started to discuss the techno-culture topic with people, a thought arose as to how can translate this theme firstly, in my own language and secondly how can I form the question that will translate properly to different cultures and age groups equally. The majority of the people I interviewed are from Egypt 12 to be exact 6 females and 6 males, then 2 males from India, 1 female from Turkey and 1 female from Thailand.

Question: How do you envision the techno-culture in the future will be like? How do you think it will impact your country/culture?

After receiving many surprisingly enthusiastic answers, I started to draw out some commonalities of what people were concerned about and talked alot about. Drawing out this map of key words and forming them into bubbles that relate to one other, for example many thought that technology is advancing further than our actual human needs and privacy is becoming a huge concern. So in the map below the humanistic cluster has needs connect with privacy that might effect the way we interact with one another and how we communicate, effect one bubble it will ripple into other factors near by.

Something that I noticed is the priorities of concerns within each generational group, for instance people from my mothers generation 50 and above all thought as technology advances more it will draw family members more apart and might result in more broken homes as communications are now just virtual. No more face to face interaction everything will just become texting and facetiming, for them it was hard to see the positive out come. On the other hand when it came to the younger generation aging from 20 -22 they were surprisingly very well informed of how privacy will become absolute and it already is, highlighting instagrams privacy setting and the selling of data. They envision a black mirror type future of how people will start to create transactions out of peoples data and we will all be embedded with chips that does that for us already. I think the answers from the youngest age group surprised me the most, by referencing the Cambridge Analytica scandal which I had to research about to understand what that was. This hyper awareness though all bleak as it seems brought me hope to, if everyone is as aware as they are then maybe we aren't all doomed to be held under corrupt technology thats funded by corrupt governments and private firms.

To conclude the topics and concerns that were brought up the most are

If technology serves more to these concerns maybe the possibility of it being coruppt can be be less but as others say that highly unlikely.


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