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Fabrication - Physical Computing Focus: Sensors

"The veil between the living and the dead is at it’s thinnest”

The goal was to represent the ominous and spiritual presences that can not be seen in our world, by capturing people's intrigue and curiosity to step towards the light quite literally. Opening a portal to discover the possibility of other worldly begins not quite open the whole way but just enough to beckon people to come closer.

On the long run having more time with this piece it can surely be built as a full scale instillation piece, possibly located in a corner of the hallway. Were users can actually step into the portal, creating a fully immersive experience with a multi channel sound experience to create the sense of another ghostly experience is around.


The Process

Still keeping in mind the list of keywords we developed, we then went on from testing materials to prototyping to finally construction.

-hide -mirror

-between - invisibility

-ominous -veil

-presence -curiosity


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