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Sound Focus: Sound walk

"Transformation" is an abstract piece that pays tribute to the historical transformation of 370 Jay Street - specifically, its conversion from being the MTA Transit building to ITP’s campus. The piece is meant to accentuate the sentiment of that transition and enhance the surrounding ambiance. By collaging these selected sounds, it is meant to bring forth awareness of this transformation.


- Start in front of the turnstiles at the subway station at Jay Street MetroTech on the corner of Jay Street and Willoughby. - Play the track, and pause for 2 seconds before commencing on your walk. - Walk away from the turnstiles and make a quick right towards the escalators going up - Ride the escalator, don't walk up it - Walk towards the ITP building along Jay Street - Walk into the building, scan your NYU ID - The walk will end by the elevators

The initial idea came from a discussion about sound quality in spaces, even if it's super quite there is always the buzzing of white noise in the background. So we wanted to highlight the quality of the contrast moving from one space to another. Highlighting these tonal shifts and playing around with how sound can paint a picture that is no longer there. I learned that simplicity in deigning sound can go a long way, focusing on how to present a specific experience and translate it to the listeners. I can see this piece being developed into an immersive instillation, replicating the experience by a 360 degrees speakers surrounding an empty space with hints of lingers objects that can represent that journey or walk.

Creating a soundwalk by Sohaila Mosbeh & Julian Mathews


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