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Conceptual work - Thoughts

"The veil between the living and the dead is at it’s thinnest” sounds more like a prophecy than a phrase, to that we decided that should be our concept. we began by trying to visualize what that means and how can we represent an ominous and spiritual presences. A great example of illustrating the unseen veil and ghostly presence can be seen through out Harry potter. In many different scenes such as the first great hall feast where all the ghosts pop out or when harry finds the mirror of erised and famously of course the usage of the invisibility cloak.

So the key words we have so far are:

-hide -mirror

-between - invisibility

-ominous -veil

-presence -curiosity

Having these key elements in mind we began to research and collect works that inspire us, creating a mood board to follow aesthetically.

Included works by: Anthony Mccall, Sebastian Hempel, Es Devlin, and United Visual Artists.

After discussing the concept of the veil between two worlds, we wanted to stick by an action being done and a surprising reaction to that occurs. Here are some illustrations that represent the idea as well as keeping in mind the different uses of materials we will use as well as light.

The first idea is to have a sequence of warped mirrors in a row that react to persons movement, except for one piece in the middle that moves opposingly to the user.

The second idea is to use a a persons specific body position to trigger a reaction that can only be seen from the current spot they are in.

The third is the same concept as the previous, but thinking more using a bream breaker to set that reaction in motion.

The fourth idea is to combine that ghostly presence to entice the user's curiosity to come closer and explore. It can be some that plays with the notion of a warped perception or something that gets trigger to react so fast that it stops the user to reconsider what they just witnessed.


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