• Sohaila Mosbeh

What do you mean exactly?

Class 10 - Sound

This weeks reading has inspired a sound piece I would like to experiment with. Words and phrases that sound like music to us is such an interesting subject to explore, having certain words in a loop can almost create a beat on it's own where the listener can fill out the background beat to it, according to Michael Vitevitch, a professor of psychology at The University of Kansas “I wouldn’t say it’s an operatic voice suddenly popping out, but you start bopping your head and tapping your fingers to it. It becomes more rhythmic, more music-like.”

I found that quite interesting to dissect certain phrases down that might have negative or positive connotation and play with placements and effects with code, which was inspired by NPR's discussion of language and how people communicate to each other. What would a mess of of words create? Can a melody be born out of that mess? Would we try to form our own meaning from it?

Random Inspiration, chopping up dialog to create literal music .

First I started off with picking out a phrase which is " I'm sorry you feel that way", it's an interesting line becasue it has a double edged meaning to it can either be said in a menacing narcissistic tone or out of actual genuine concern. Personally I hate that phrase, so why not pull it apart and mess it up. The second step was recording it, I picked my friend Omar because his voice has that quality of if he was breaking up with you, you would still feel like everything is great. Lastly experimenting with code!

Trail 01 :

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