• Sohaila Mosbeh

What is going on?

Class 08-Visuals

The world of pixels is overwhelming and madding, as I try my beat to catch up along what feels like everyone zooming past me. I decided to built upon some what similar line aesthetic from my midterm dirty sketch along with music but get more conceptually detailed. Sketching out me initial idea and see how to move on from there, to start off I use one of my hand made collages as a source of inspiration to start creating some line sketches as well as my song of choice.

Analog made collage

Sketching ideas for pattern

The idea is to make the pattern to respond along with the drum beat of Skinned Teen's song, while the background can be recording from the computer camera. Almost like a short music video filter anyone can use, I would love to have the pattern also move around along with the user as well but I have no idea how what would be done.

First experiment.

Understanding all this pixel stuff.

Second experiment:

How can I embed my sound(fft) to effect the pixels?

Third (sorta almost there, nope not even close) experiment:

Getting some lag, still can't figure out when the sound won't work along with the pixels?

Fourth ( I am just failing terribly at this point) experiment:

How can I make each body part map different colors? -------> is this the only way to do it?


At this point it feels like I am losing momentum and falling way behind everyone else. In terms of fully grasping the concept of manipulating pixels along with the implementation of bodyPix. I want to continue with this project and see it all the way through as a musical visual piece that can displayed on a screen. I wonder if there is a way to combine the pixelated look along with the bodypix? This is what I am struggling with at the moment along with the selected song, ideally the song would automatically play once the camera detects a person. But for now I have to make everything at least work first.

A failure today, but hopefully not tomorrow.