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What's the big picture?

Inspirations and applications.

It's midnight and at this point confusion has found it's way to nest quite comfortably in my mind. I've been over thinking the placement and usage of computation for a couple of days now, How is computation attached to everyday experiences? and How is it related to me and the things I enjoy? which lead me to take a couple of steps back and think generally. Why am I learning all this? What's the big picture here? What can computation provide to the ideas I want to create?

I have many very incoherent answers to all these questions, and it's overwhelming to try to start explaining it out loud. I wish at this very moment there could be a machine that can decipher all my thoughts automatically when it's placed on my head, so I can be like TADA see over here that's what I am trying to say. Made for all us people who can't put feelings into words! Maybe computation can help me solve that.

It seems to me that whatever my mind touches it enjoys turning it into an existential dilemma, and maybe there is comfort within that spiral of thoughts of not knowing and uncertainty, as the saying goes "wisest she who knows that she does not know" there is such beauty in the complexity of human emotion and it's never ending philosophical dilemmas. So I wonder is it possible to use coding to express such complexity? can it be used as an extension to our emotional selves? there can be a way to show or visualize human emotions in real space, so others can tap into the same emotional state as well. Almost like creating an experiential space where people can transfer there emotions on to others to try it on and see how it's like, technically some can do that with VR ,but I always find myself with in a struggle not to get too sweep up with all the new shiny software and forget the analog part of it all. It's like a fear in the back of my mind eating away at me, losing sight of artistic expression an getting swept up along with all the VR hype happening all around. Keeping the balance is key, an building these spaces in real life would be much more engaging and powerful to take part in.

That's essentially what drives me in creating art and hopefully in the future in creating experiential pieces. Music and Film are great examples of using visuals to represent a state which the user can experience and connect emotionally with others that don't even exist or haven't meet and for this part I would just like to show all the visuals and artists that generally inspire me and that remind me about the bigger picture.

*I picked out movies that feed my mind some visual eye candy and also stories that stuck and lingered on with me.

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