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Creative Coding - Visual Art Focus: Music

"The song speaks for itself, but I’d say it’s just a very long and exaggerated sigh […] Born from feelings of powerlessness when it comes to the impossible task of representing yourself the way you think is right, personally and professionally; when you feel like everything is for the taking, no matter what you do."

I thought about sticking with the theme of creating visuals for music and live performances. To hopefully one day create an interactive piece where subjects can immersive themselves within the lyrics of the song and control the visuals along with it. So to start of I choose to focus on just one lyric and move forward from there, the song I picked this week is Julia Jacklin's Body from her album Crushing.

This slow and steady tempo song unravels a true story of Jacklin's ex whose behavior became really unhealthy for her. Remembering all the past abusive comments and body shaming, Jacklin's beautiful gives the accompanying bass melody such a bittersweet elegance.


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