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Created with Young-Min Choi

Experience design, creative coding, & sound installation


Externalizing different layers of subconsciousness memories by merging visual and audio elements.

An other-worldly host walks in and addresses you personally, her purpose is to guide you through a series of random accessed memories incorporated with colors and sounds.

This host is a mere representation of the “external” world. She has the ability to tune into your mind like a television, and can switch to any channel she wants.

Using these memory footage to create the visual language, building three different max patches to control the audio triggered effects in real time.

Some of the raw visual content used, representing significant personal memories were recorded by phones.

Max A

Visuals mad in Max/msp


The concept behind the host acts as a guide vocalizing repressed thoughts from the past. The inspiration for her look is a combination of both designers features.


Final snippet of the host within max/msp software.

The host design in iclone 7 by Young min

The structure for the sound designed followed the color palette below any sounds that registers as high pitch, was represented visually in the yellow and orange colors. Golden hues for the high hats. As for the lower pitches such as the bass drum was represented within the red and purple hues.

The vocals were mixed to paint an imaginary space for the viewers, by panning around moving from the left side of the ear, to back, to then the right ear. Mirroring along whichever memory the host is guiding the viewers through.

RAM CP.png
RAM CP.png

The final piece was showcased in a virtual festival held by creative code art.

Screenshot 2021-11-12 at 15-17-02 Creative Code Art on Instagram “We are so pumped for tom
Screenshot 2021-11-12 at 15-16-27 Creative Code Art on Instagram “We are so pumped for tom

Full show can be seen here
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