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Music production by Kozmor


Experience design, creative coding, & sound installation

  يا . تقيـــــل   

 Ya . 



 Origin :  Egyptian 

 Language : Arabic 

Literary means: heavy, an Egyptian arabic phrase used to expresses a hard to impress flirtatious persona with a self assured attitude. Warning such persona may result in over romanticism and confusion.


I wanted to capture the moment of recognizing the feeling of  how bittersweet and nostalgic falling for someone can be. Questioning the if this feeling is real or if it is all just an oxytocin induced fantasy.

Screenshot 2022-10-05 at 18-58-47 Image 35 from Khally Balak Men Zozo - Hussein Fahmy - So

Screen Shot 2022-08-20 at 8.25.28 PM.jpg

 Reference from film, Watch out for Zouzou 1972.

The content made of the visual experince, was created by a machine learning model called Next Frame Prediction. It's an algorithm that breaks down film frames, studies it and then tried to make up the next possible frame.

Resulting in interesting interpretation of a data moshing like effect. The visuals were then coded as a generative system that is audio reactive, as well as adding glitch effects.

Next Frame Prediction training on Google Colab

 Audio Reactivate Visuals  

Visuals created on Touchdesigner were trigger by two methods. The first is auto generative trigger by the output data values of the kick and snare pattern. The second method was manually trigger by a midi input.

Much like the visual design concept, the audio design is a remix of the 1972 track, Ya Taqiil by the singer and actress Soud Hossni.

Keywords:  Earworm, Spatial, Feedback, and Reverb.

Track by Kozmor


  Remixed and original tracks  

Ya Taqill_Poster.jpg


Color Palette & Layout

Screen Shot 2022-10-11 at 8.54.54 PM.png


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Premiere


Google Colab




Midi Keyboard

Analog Synth

This piece was shown at LUME studios