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Designed in Berlin, Germany

Sustainable Design Studio

German University in Cairo Berlin Campus


When the term "object" is said one only tends to think about furniture, computers, clothes..etc. But the focus here is to broaden this term and just merely hint out that "objects" is a word that covers anything from scrap of paper to a car. These things have a more deeper role than what they are internationally created for. There is relationship or connection that exists subconsciously between human and objects, something more psychological in addition to the mere act of using.

The aim here is to rebirth unwanted objects by changing it's identity leading to playing with people's perception and vision on how they look at things, thus proving the object's personality. In this study case the chosen object is the waste of orange, considered as rubbish was once apart of a natural recourse but then neglected because people perceive it has being worthless, but in this experimental process the vision was to dissect and understand it's personality further to uncover it's abilities, then finally re birthing it into unique forms proving it's usefulness for future uses.

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